About Us



Hi! My name is Mya and I will be your photographer and stylist. I’ve been a photographer since 2006. Unlike many photographers who will tell you that they always loved taking photos, photography didn’t spark my interest after I had a successful career and business.  After I decided that I wanted to learn photography, I attended numerous classes and workshops where I learned just about everything I know about photography from composition, to lighting, and all the technical ins and out. I shoot completely manual and in all lighting conditions. Education it’s important and it never stops. I actually love the technical side of photography as much as I love the artistic side. (Yes, I’m a nerd!) 😉

I learned about women portraiture while preparing my class schedule for a photographer’s conference. The boudoir photographers, who later became my mentors, talked about how it felt helping everyday women rediscover their beauty and fall in love with themselves all over again

I decided right there that I wanted to do that too! I’ve travel to California and Vegas multiple times just for women-photography related workshops and retreats in my quest to enhance my skills and stay up to date in the latest trends.

About two years into this business, I realized how difficult was to find reliable stylists to take care of my clients at my location within my client’s budget. Like many things I’ve done in my life, I decided I wanted to learn how to do that on my own and signed up for makeup and cosmetology classes. Being knowledgeable in color theory and lighting was very helpful with my new endeavour as a makeup artist and raising three girls definitely helped with hair styling! I enjoy styling my clients as much as I enjoy the photo shoot itself. It gives me the opportunity to get to know my clients better before their session and ease their nerves.



Hector is my husband. Without his help and encouragement I would’ve never gotten into women portraiture. He is also a photographer and the person who makes all my crazy ideas come true. Every time I want to create a set, paint, or anything I can come up with, he is the one who makes it happen.  In fact, every time I say to him that I have a crazy idea, he always responds, “Surprise me!” .

Before my client comes in, Hector makes sure all the shooting areas are clean and ready for them.  He also runs the business side of Sexy Beautiful Me, post-production, and appointment scheduling.  He is also my assistant with non-lingerie shoots or when special props and lighting are required for pin-up sessions.

“Mi casa es su casa” and I can’t wait to meet you!

Questions? Contact Mya at Hello@NegroniStudio.com or during business hours via phone at 407-701-9678.